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Aelicia L. Thomas

"Legacy Is A Lifestyle"

Growing up in the small town of Maben, MS where everyone knew everyone big hopes and dreams were not common.  People just wanted a good job. I remember a few months before graduation my mother stopped me in the living room and asked me what was I going to do? I shrugged it off, but she gave me two options, college or work.  I don’t know why, but I knew she was serious so I thought long and hard about my choice. I knew I wasn’t ready to work, so, college was my choice. I didn’t know what exactly I wanted to do, I just knew I wanted to succeed and that I would succeed.  I obtained my B.A. degree from Alcorn State University and my law degree from the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss).


Life, however, has a way of changing course on you.  I relocated to the Mississippi Delta eventually started my own law firm once I lost my job with North MS Rural Legal Services.  It’s funny how had I not been fired, I probably never would have started my practice.  Fear was a motivating factor. It propelled me to start my practice in my apartment.  I overcame fear of failure, self-doubt, and other people’s opinions to have a successful legal career.


Being motivated to make my community better, I decided to run for public office.  I currently serve as the Bolivar County Prosecuting Attorney.  I am the first black and first woman to ever hold this position.  I am currently serving my third term.


I am currently the CEO of A & A Realty - Property Matchmakers which is a real estate investment company.  I am the co-founder of The I Believe Project, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to garner family stability among low socio economic communities by promoting growth and entrepreneur training for youth and adults.  I serve as the Chairman of the Board of Directors for Bolivar County Community Action Agency, I am the mother of two boys, Chandler and Brandon and God grand-mother of Haleigh Liner. I am a member of the Mississippi Bar Association, Bolivar County Bar Association, Magnolia Bar Association, Mississippi Prosecutors Association and the National Criminal Defense Lawyers Association.  I am a member and minister of Changing Your World Ministries of Rosedale, MS and a prolific motivational speaker.


My favorite quote is:  “The man who thinks he can and the man who thinks he can’t are both right”!  It makes you ask yourself, “Which man/woman are you”?

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